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Term   IGU Publications: 2012-2017  (from:09.03.2017 )
  Row  No  Author: Book title: ISBN / Publication Year Situation
2011-2012 Academic Year 1 Lecturer Emel Tozlu Aesthetic Theory Of Bertolt Brecht And Cinema 978-605-62823-0-0 2012 Completed Publication
2 Dr. Aybike Serttaş Ertike Television: An Alternate Universe 978-605-62823-1-7 2012 Completed Publication
3   Proceedings of the International Evliya Çelebi Symposium in his 400th year     Completed Publication.
     Yusuf Akçay   2012
2012-2013 Academic Year 4  Lecturer Öznur Yaman Business Management for Vocational Schools – 1 (Compatible with İKMEP)     Completed Publication
978-605-62823-2-4 2012
5 Dr. Alaattin Fırat, Research Assistant Fatih Gökbayrak New Turkish Commercial Law (Law no. 6102): Commercial Law and     Completed Publication.
978-605-62823-3-1 2012
6 Lecturer Semiye Bottan Design Differences in Denim Garment Exports of Turkey by Country   2013 Completed Publication
7 Lecturer Tarık Babayiğit The Art of Batik   2013 Completed Publication
8 Prof. Dr. A. Kazım Kirtiş Principles of Marketing: Global and Administrative Approach   2013 Completed Publication.
9 Prof. Dr. A. Kazım Kirtiş The Theory and Practice of Accounting for International Trade   2013 Completed Publication
10 Prof. Dr. A. Kazım Kirtiş Marketing Management: Global And Administrative Approach   2013 Completed Publication.
11 Ass. Prof. Oğuz Feyzioğlu Econometrics Theory and Practice of Matrix Algebra   2013 Completed Publication.
12 Dr. Ali Orhan Aydın Artificial Intelligence: Towards an Integrated Cognition 978-605-4827-03-9 2013 Completed Publication
2013-2014 Academic Year 13 Lecturer Sefer Darıcı Subliminal Marketing and Techniques of Communication 978-605-4827-04-6 2013 Completed Publication.
14 Prof. Dr. Cevdet Atay Fundamental Concepts and Institutions of Law 978-605-4827-13-8 2013 Completed Publication
15 Prof. Dr. Sinan Çağdaş Mechanics-Statics in Engineering 978-605-4827-14-5 2014 Completed Publication
16 Dr. İsmail Cem Ay Examples of The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs In Underdeveloped Countries by World Bank Country Study 978-605-4827-01-5 2014 Completed Publication
17 Ass. Prof. Ulaş Başar Gezgin Handbook of Cognitive Sciences 978-605-4827-15-2 2014 Completed Publication
18 Prof. Dr. Osman Zekayi Orhan Logistics Industry Development in all around the World and Turkey  978-605-4827-08-4 2014 Completed Publication.
19 Prof. Dr. Osman Zekayi Orhan Budget And  Finance Politics in Turkey 978-605-4827-11-4 2014 Completed Publication.
20 Prof. Dr. Osman Zekayi Orhan Keynesian And Monetarist Stabilization Policies 978-605-4827-07-7 2014 Completed Publication
21 Prof. Dr. Osman Zekayi Orhan In The Process Of The Customs Union Competitiveness Of Turkish Automotive Industry The Supplier Automotive Industry 978-605-4827-09-1 2014 Completed Publication
22 Prof. Dr. Osman Zekayi Orhan Border Trade Effects On Turkish Economy 978-605-4827-10-7 2014 Completed Publication
23 Prof. Dr. Osman Zekayi Orhan  The Policy of Supporting Agriculture and the Minimum Cost in Turkey 978-605-4827-12-1 2014 Completed Publication
24 Prof. Dr. Osman Zekayi Orhan The Main Inflation Theories and Inflation in Turkey 978-605-4827-05-3 2014 Completed Publication
25 Dr. İsmail Cem Ay The Re-arrangement of Turkish Finance and Banking Sector in terms of the Basel Criteria 978-605-4827-02-2 2014 Completed Publication
2014-2015 Academic Year 26 Dr. Hasan Tınmaz – The Assertions of International Congress on Barrier-Free Information Technology in 2013 978-605-4827-17-6 2014 Completed Publication.
Dr. İlker Yakın (ed.)
27 Prof. Dr. M. Sinan Çağdaş Shapeshifting Object Mechanics: Resistance I 978-605-4827-19-0 2014 Completed Publication
28 Esra Köten, Barış Erdoğan Disabled Youth, Social Exclusion and Internet 978-605-4827-20-6 2014 Completed Publication
29 Ass. Prof. R. Kutay Karaca  - Prof. Dr. Wang Li (eds.) Sino-Turkey Relations: Concept, Policies And Prospects 978-605-4827-18-3 2015 Completed Publication.
30 Prof. Dr. M. Sinan Çağdaş Shapeshifting Object Mechanics: Resistance II  978-605-4827-21-3 2015 Completed Publication
31 Leman Kuzu Human Resources and the Motivation of the Staff in Production Business 978-605-4827-22-0 2015 Completed Publication
2015-2016 academic Year 32 Dr. Sinem Tuna, Approaches On New Media: Proceedings Of 1st International New Media Conference (May 21, 2015, Istanbul, Turkey) 978-605-4827-28-2 2015 Completed Publication
Dr. Deniz Akçay (ed.)
33 Dr. Elif Güneri Yöyen Mental Disorders and Violence: Violence is of Being Human, not of madness! 978-605-4827-23-7 2016 Basımı tamamlandı.
34 Dr. Alaattin Fırat, Ar. Gör. Fatih Gökbayrak Foreign Business and Foreign Business of Turkey 978-605-4827-06-0 2016 Completed Publication
35 Dr. Elif Güneri Yöyen Rorschach Test: Dynamic-Diagnostic Approach 978-605-4827-25-1 2016 Completed Publication
36 Prof. Dr. M. Sinan Çağdaş Applied SAP2000: Modelling the Construction Systems: The Usage of Frame, Shell, Asolid and Solid Elements in projects: Static and Dynamic Analysis 978-605-4827-26-8 2016 Completed Publication.
37 Dr. Elif Güneri Yöyen Lost Countries: Schizophrenia-Bipolar Affective Disorder 978-605-4827-24-4 2016 Completed Publication
38 Prof. Dr. Naci Yücefer Introduction to Civil Engineering 978-605-4827-16-9 2016 Completed Publication
39 Lecturer Işık The Impact of Credit Risk Management On The EU Banks Performance 978-605-62823-7-9 2016 Completed Publication
40 Lecturer Ünsal Tazegül Atatürk and his wrestling memories 978-605-4827-29-9 2016 Completed Publication
41 Dr. Nazlı Gamze Sansar  Sustainable Development with Capital Market 978-605-4827-30-5 2016 Completed Publication
42 İstanbul Gelişim University İstanbul Gelişim University:  Strategic Plan: 2016-2020 978-605-4827-31-2 2016 Completed Publication
2016-2017 Academic Year 43 Prof. Dr. M. Sinan Çağdaş Stifness Matrix Method with Computer Applications  978-605-4827-27-5 2016 Completed Publication
44  Dr. Deniz Akçay, Crossroads of Representations: Proceedings of 2nd International New Media Conference (April 21, 2016, Istanbul, Turkey) 978-605-4827-33-6 2016 Completed Publication
Dr. Sinem Tuna (ed.)
45 Ass. Prof. Veysel Yılmaz Eosinophilic Pneumonia 978-605-4827-34-3 2016 Completed Publication
46 Ass. Prof. Veysel Yılmaz Preoperative Grading of Mediastinal lymphadenopathies of non-Small Cell 978-605-4827-35-0 2017 Completed Publication.
Lung Cancer and False-Positivity in PET/CT 
47 Ass. Prof. Erol Yıldır The Image of Horse in the Art of Europe: From Uccello to Gericault 978-605-4827-39-8 2017 Completed Publication.
48 Lecturer İpek Fatma Çevik Graphic Design in Television Decor 978-605-4827-36-7 2017 Completed Publication
49 Prof. Dr. Rasim Kale Training: Text Book 978-605-4827-37-4 2017 Publication process…
50 Dr. Şahin Gök Approaches, Methods and Techniques in Teaching Writing 978-605-4827-38-1 2017 Publication proces...